Cloud VoIP


Quality Services and reliability
First-class Cloud VoIP infrastructure to bring value for business
Voice and data integration - so that everyone wins

Features packages are free.
The CTVOX Support team delivers actionable information, and easy to use tools for you to drive success.

A complete suite of Innovative services: Cloud VoIP Systems
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Free calls

Unlimited number of extentions and free calls between extentions at remote locations Contact us and tell us how we can help you.

Call rates

Become Collaborative and Mobile
Work as a more open, virtual business.
Deliver and receive critical calls securely from any device
People inside and outside have more ways to connect to the company.
Improve user interface experience to make it easier for customers and partners to work with you. Contact us and tell us how we can help you.

Virtual Numbers

Integrate multiple virtual numbers to unlimited extensions and become more collaborative.
Virtual numbers and call rates billed on single single account regardless from which number you call from
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Communications Technologies Vox

The CTVOX Cloud VoIP communications platform delivers, extensive cloud VoIP features, high quality voice, competitive pricing for call rates and virtual numbers. We are focused on listening closely to our customers to add value fo individuals and businesses. Our strong customer orientation continues to be the driving force behind our continuous evolution and desire to add a human touch behind cloud VoIP telephone systems technology.

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